SIGA Rissan 60

SIGA Rissan 60



  • Extremely strong adhesion - reliable, no building damage

  • Smooth carrier material - clings tightly around pipes and cables

  • Elastic - remains sealed despite structural movements

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SIGA Rissan 60 - the all around general usage tape for interior sealing and the perfect choice for the uneven surfaces of American OSB panels. See OSB application notes below. The flexible body of Rissan will both wrap around plumbing, wire, and other penetrations as well as lay down on either side of plywood and make a permanent, air-tight seal. Use the 60mm width to seal panel joints of OSB, Plywood, foam boards on any interior application without the need for a primer in most applications. Since the Rissan Body will stretch and not tear, use it around any irregular shape and penetrations such as pipes or cables.