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At Pacific Sash & Design, we want to shape the future of construction in a way that leads to a healthy industry, healthy communities and healthy environment. We’ve developed the Pacific IMPACT Project to direct 2% of our revenue to responsible environmental stewardship and the cultivation of industry talent to address the convergence of our current building boom with a widening income gap in our communities and an aging population of craftsmen and women in the trades. Through the Pacific IMPACT Project, Pacific Sash & Design is partnering with esteemed industry influencers, trade schools and non-profit organizations to create grants that support

● environmental restoration efforts that offset damages caused by our industry;

● programs empowering youth with skills and confidence and creating opportunities for underprivileged people who are motivated to learn and pursue careers in the trades; and

● intelligently designed construction projects that serve the greater good of the community.

Our clients carry the torches that light the path for the Pacific IMPACT Project. As responsible stewards of their contributions, we will make their purchases’ impact trackable online. Join us and commit to shaping a brighter future for our communities and the land on which we live.

Let’s make a difference. Let’s make an impact.