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joseph lacina

construction manager

Joseph Lacina is a 3rd generation Menlo Park native that brings seventeen years of experience in custom residential construction, to the Pacific team. Joe is head of our construction division, installations, as well as service, while helping educate clients on our selection of high performance building materials and innovative fenestration products in an inside sales position.

While attending the notable Peninsula School in his formative years, Joe learned the values of sustainability, creativity, communication, and general environmental stewardship. His love for the outdoor activities and physicality carved a path towards an active job choice starting at age 15 during summers as a teenager, and in 1999, fresh out of high school he began working for a progressive local craftsman, Drew Maran. From this moment on, with the green building seed planted, Joe’s professional life was formed onsite and his love for living spaces and use of the worlds land was solidified. Joe honed his skills all over the west coast of California and down into Arizona, Florida, Lake Tahoe and Oregon, learning hands on building practices in various climate zones, including snow and searing desert heat.

Fast forward to 2018, and Joe has since, acquired: a General Contractor B license, a rigorous PHIUS Builder Certification, and a California Real Estate license, all with the dream of creating sustainable, healthy, comfortable, progressive and creative living spaces that borderline works of art.

When Joe isn't helping the community with helpful solutions for residential construction and sustainable real estate value, you will most likely find him at the beach looking for waves that originated from the sun, avidly filling his mind with books at a coffee shop or enjoying the simple things in life with friends and family. 

mobile: (650) 804-1144