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branden johannesen

founder & CEO

Branden Johannesen is the founder and CEO of Pacific Sash & Design. With a life-long passion for merging the physical world with hard sciences, he founded his fourth company with the idea of breaking the mold of the standard building material supply industry. “Answering phones and taking orders does not empower your clients or your employees with tools for success,” he comments, “Coming to the table with authenticity, refined knowledge base, roots in sustainability, and unique service offerings creates a rift where a company can stand as a beacon for others.” 

Growing up in San Diego around his grandfather’s workshop somehow sparked an affinity for putting the pieces together, which lead to an Earth Science degree from UC Santa Cruz in 2001, but the slow formation of terrestrial matter was no match for the appeal of the dynamic development of the small business platform. From international design and manufacturing, wine procurement and exportation, martial arts instruction, brick and mortar strength & conditioning training facility, building material supply house, to design/build contracting, the breadth and depth of Branden’s experience and pursuit of knowledge is vast and colorful. He has many times looked at a hobby or interest from a business perspective and evaluated if there’s a chance to learn a new skillset and if there’s room for improvement on the business model. As a result, this journey’s diamond in the rough has been the realization that creating real opportunities for employees and others, is where nearly all small businesses can make significant impacts. Branden is dedicated to educating and empowering his staff while assembling a great community of builders, architects, manufacturers, and building science experts to help refine the craft of fine homebuilding.  

When Branden isn’t indulging in his workaholism, you will find him digging in the dirt, cooking sous vide, taking a drive to the coast with surf gear in tow, trail hunting with his dog Nikita, or politely suffering with friends in his garage gym.  

“Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do.” -Bruce Lee